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Effective customer retention and growth require decisions such as

Identifying which customers respond to bonuses or discounts
How to choose the best moment for retention or developmental communication
Tailoring bonus sizes based on customer history and relationship duration
Leveraging AI capabilities to surpass traditional RFM segmentation

Gravity AI is designed to address key CRM marketing challenges.

Predicting Churn Probability
Retain customers by using AI predictions for churn probability at the user level, rather than relying on manually created segments and assumptions.
Predicting Purchase Probability soon
Activate users at the moment they are most likely to make a purchase. This is especially crucial for industries with low conversion frequencies, where missing a potential customer can be very costly.
Predicting Purchase Amount soon
Develop segments and adopt a differentiated approach based on the predicted purchase amount, allowing for personalized offers at the customer level.
Predicting Optimal Discount or Bonus Size soon
Optimize CRM budgets using machine learning capabilities by understanding which customer to offer $5, which to offer $50, and when it’s best not to offer any discount or bonus at all.

Gravity AI’s predictive models combine advanced techniques and approaches

Data Collection and Preprocessing
We utilize SHAP to identify key predictive features, while techniques like resampling address data imbalance. Data normalization ensures accurate model performance across various machine learning algorithms. Additionally, our preprocessing pipeline cleanses and transforms raw data, enhancing its quality. This robust approach ensures that our models deliver precise insights.
Data Augmentation
Data augmentation significantly enhances the effectiveness of machine learning-based churn prediction models in e-commerce. We employ advanced methods of augmentation and synthetic data generation to improve the overall performance of our models. By expanding and enriching the dataset, these techniques help in building more robust and accurate predictive models, ultimately driving better business outcomes.
Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA)
We use advanced data analysis techniques to understand and predict customer churn. This includes visualizing churn trends, analyzing feature correlations, and selecting the most significant features to enhance model accuracy. Our methods help identify key customer segments and develop personalized retention strategies. By leveraging EDA, we can uncover valuable insights that drive effective decision-making and improve customer retention efforts.
Model Training and Hyperparameter Tuning
Model optimization and hyperparameter tuning focus on improving model performance, preventing overfitting, and enhancing the model's generalization on new data. Cross-validation helps assess the model's generalizability by splitting the data into multiple subsets. This ensures that the model performs well on unseen data, leading to more accurate and reliable predictions.
What Sectors Will
Thrive on ML Predictions?
Customer behavior prediction, retention, and development are most relevant in industries and verticals with recurring purchases or conversions. Retaining a customer is significantly more cost-effective than winning back a lost one.
pet supplies
concerts, events
delivery services
travel, ticketing services
sports betting
mobile apps
booking services
renewable goods
subscription services
hotels, restaurants, cafes (horeca)
household products
baby products

How to use Gravity AI?

Data sources
File (.csv)
Upload Your File
You need to prepare a file with customer and transaction data according to the template requirements. This ensures the data is formatted correctly for processing and analysis.
Receive a File with Predictive Metrics
Gravity AI will generate a predictive model based on the input data. You will receive the results in a file containing the churn probability for each customer, along with the model's metrics.
How to interpret the data
Below you will find a description of the churn metrics you will receive in the email, as well as full model specifications that are only available in the Gravity AI interface. Understanding them assumes you have a data analyst on your team.
Upload the prepared file (.csv)
Select or Drag and Drop Your File (10K - 1M Rows)
The file is uploading... please wait
Something went wrong. Please try again or contact us by email
File is uploaded! You will receive the calculated churn model by email within 1 hour.
In the free mode, Gravity AI is only available for churn prediction. In the full version, you will get all the characteristics of the model, describing the quality and reliability of Gravity AI's predictions, and in the future, additional predictive models (Purchase probability, Purchase amount, Offer amount)
If you are interested in the full version, please contact us by email
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Subscribe to the Gravity AI Telegram bot

Stay updated on the development of predictive models, ask any questions, or contact us to discuss collaboration options.
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