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«Having become a fully digital company, we are visionaries of data-driven customer communications. We are implementing this cutting-edge technology to perfect our customer’s experiences. The best way to transform a vision into reality is to rely on an  AI-based personalization approach, customer data analytics, and unified customer profiles across channels. The Gravity Field platform helps us to execute that strategy. Thanks to the Gravity Field team, we successfully increased the number of our digital product customers and attracted them to join our system’s community»


Chief Product Officer of a major Telecom company


«pparently, in the 2020s, you are barely capable of attracting customers by ordinary and basic product recommendations. What is vital now is the holistic and personalized approach to each audience or ‘Persona’ as well as the agility in implementing that approach. I am confident that this was fully achieved by the harmonious work of the artificial intelligence of the Gravity Field algorithms as well as the “natural” intelligence of our team»

Alexander Dedov

Chief Marketing Officer

Marketplace / Superapp

«Our aspiration is to create a really groundbreaking, fully personalized customer experience. As we continuously expand our product assortment to millions of SKUs, personalization becomes vital to help customers discover and purchase what they are looking for. The Gravity Field platform has not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing a cutting-edge solution for personalization that has transformed our approach. The Gravity Field team are a group of amazing professionals with expertise in personalization, which made for a perfect match that seamlessly collaborated with our internal team»

David Sarkisyan

General Manager, Marketplace


«Thanks to the expertise of the Gravity team, we were able to implement personalized product recommendations in an extremely agile fashion. The platform allows for complete control over the personalization approach, enabling personalization of both the product recommendations, as well as the actual recommendation strategy. It provides key insights into which recommendation algorithm or merchandising rule should be implemented with which users. For instance, on a Product Detail Page, the engine would display a Promo offer recommendations widget for bargain hunters, whereas for other users, an approach of recommending Similar products would be implemented instead»

Artemy Shaidenko

Chief Product Officer, Vprok

Fashion & Beauty

«Relying on the close collaboration with the Gravity Field team, we could increase our number of purchases by an incredibly 63% percent within just two days! I believe this remarkable result was achieved thanks to both the smart AI algorithms of the platform and the Gravity Field team's expertise on  the best personalization practices from all around the world. I would like to highlight the high professionalism of the team as well as the creative approach to implementing and experimenting with campaigns and experiences they provided. I am happy to continue discovering new opportunities, and look forward to all we have to gain from working together with Gravity Field in the future»

Alex Fadeev

Head of Customer Analytics


«The main goal of our company is to enable our customers to find and purchase anything necessary for constructing or decorating their homes in one store. It is an incredibly challenging job, but with the help of Gravity Field, I believe we managed to make the buying journey of our customers as simple and efficient as possible. Machine Learning-based Recommendation algorithms offer the most relevant products for each customer, Dynamic Allocation supports navigation across product categories, and Predictive Targeting saves lots of time and money while experimenting with hypotheses»

Ilya Gurkov

eCommerce Director,

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