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World-class solution for AB-testing and User Experience optimization

Experiment with your digital products with an unparalleled agility and quickly scale your best experiences


AB-test your hypotheses in any digital properties or channels

A/B/n your hypothesis at scale with a fantastic agility, optimizing any types of user experiences, whether page content, product recommendations, banners, overlays or notifications, page layouts, etc.

Experiment in any of your digital products, whether in Mobile Apps, Websites, or even in offline touchpoints, such as in-store kiosks, clienteling devices, or cashier screens.


Automate your AB-testing with AI optimization engine

Use the power of AI algorithms, such as dynamic allocation, to get the most impact of your experiments.

Dynamic allocation, based on so-called “Multi-Armed Bandit” or “Contextual Bandit” machine learning algorithms, performs numerous AB-tests in automated mode and make a real-time decision which experience to serve for each user in every moment of time, to optimize the customer interaction for the goal you assign.

Let the AI engine combine personalization and optimization completely automatically, or fine-tune specific targeting or business rules on top of the algorithm, to get the most revenues and conversion rates from your experiences.


Combine personalization and AB-testing to optimize tailored experiences for your key audiences

Optimize your experiences differently for each of your key audiences, instead of optimizing them for the whole traffic on average.

Albeit the overall AB-test result, various audiences might react totally differently to a certain experience - what works perfectly well for one user, can be disastrous for another. With Gravity Field AB-testing engine, you can discover AB-testing results in the breakdown of any audiences, which allows you to scale experience only for those users who really liked it.

Furthermore, you can continue experimenting and AB-testing separately within those specific audiences rather than AB-test hypotheses for the whole traffic.


Turn your AB-tests into truly data-driven personalization with the Gravity Predictive Targeting engine

Let the AI engine automatically find personalization opportunities by scanning AB-tests results in the breakdown of any possible audiences. Under the hood of any AB-test you run, Gravity Predictive Targeting engine automatically predicts which experience would be successful for which audience and what would the uplift based on the metrics you assign.

Therefore, Predictive Targeting provides more control and saves efforts and time enormously while experimenting with your hypotheses. Even more, Predictive Targeting helps you build a truly smart, granular, and data-driven personalization as an outcome of your AB-testing experimentation.


Optimize customer journeys, not just single pages

AB-test and optimize the whole customer journeys holistically and consistently, within multiple experiences, App or Web pages, series of user sessions, or across various interaction channels.

Build personalized and optimized customer journeys for your key and specific audiences, such as VIP customers or Bargain hunters, all through the sequences of touchpoints in any channels, and measure the customer journey performance.


AB-test on client- or server-side from the same platform with no limitations

Advantages of Client-side experimentation is the high agility of launching campaigns with no need of development team involvements, while server-side campaigns provide better performance, control, and freedom for complex customization.

Combine the best of the two worlds, by running your AB-tests and campaigns on either of the sides from the same platform, or test your hypotheses quickly at client-side, and move your proven successful client-side experiences to server.

Other opportunities to grow your business

Audience management

Leverage the full potential of your omnichannel data to swiftly identify real-time audiences and engage with them at a heightened level of granularity.

Effortlessly gather data about your users from various sources and conduct real-time audience analysis.

Embrace the transformative magic of our Predictive Targeting engine, propelling your organization towards data-driven hyper-personalization like never before.

Content personalization

Deliver a highly personalized experience to your users across all touchpoints, be it mobile apps, websites, direct marketing campaigns, or even “phygital” interactions in the offline world.

Take advantage of the flexibility to experiment and optimize content and user interface “look & feel” dynamically. Effortlessly adapt entire pages and screens in real-time as soon as a user enters, ensuring that only the most pertinent content is offered in all your customer interactions.

Product recommendations

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in predicting the interests, actions, and purchase behavior of your users through utilization of our cutting-edge and powerful Machine Learning algorithms.

Tailor your product listing pages with precision, effectively manage product bundles, and craft highly targeted product recommendations for every individual user at every stage of their journey, across all communication channels. 

Triggered communications

Manage and personalize your real-time messaging in apps, websites, or outbound marketing campaigns to achieve an unparalleled level of efficiency and engagement.

Exercise precise control and management over triggering and targeting rules of your campaigns, allowing you to experiment seamlessly at scale with the support of our extensive ready-to-use template library.

Deliver highly relevant content to each user at the optimal moment, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience for every individual.

Sponsored product monetization

Monetize placements in your mobile app or websites by your vendors, suppliers, and merchants.

Refine the sponsored products merchandising logic, placement fees and deliver transparent real-time analytics.

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