Platform modules

Audience management and agile segmentation based on any kind of online and offline data

Collect and unify your customer data across all digital channels and offline touchpoints to discover and analyze audiences and interact with them with a new level of efficiency


Capture customer data from any available sources

Capture any kind of data about your customer interactions from any available sources, whether online or offline, into a unified, omnichannel Customer Data Platform. Collect, store, unify, and synchronize data from your CRM, ESP, CDP, DMP, APIs, POS, 3rd party sources, and activate those data for building real-time audiences.


Use advanced segmentation and targeting rules

Discover your high-value customer to target them with the most relevant offers. Build your audiences, or segments, based on your customers behavior, context of interactions, offline purchases, customer journey stage, or 3rd party data.


Use personalization even for anonymous users

Although it is a pleasure to interact with your loyal, identified customers, 97% of your Web users are anonymous. Identify the intent and interests of anonymous users in real-time and target them with personalized campaigns, therefore boosting their conversion rates hugely.


Share audiences between your properties and platforms

Share audiences between any interaction channels, whether it is an App, Web, direct marketing campaigns, acquisition, or even interactions in an offline world. Based on the unified customer data across all channels in a single platform, you can build and optimize your seamless customer journeys easily and quickly.


Analyze your audiences in real-time

Gain insights from sizing and comparing your audiences in real-time. Moreover, analyze behavior of each audience in breakdown of any key metric and predict which of them you should address at any moment of time.


Unlock the magic of Predictive Targeting

Stop looking for a “best-in-average” user experience and let the AI engine find the best recipe for each of your key audiences instead.

Gravity Predictive Targeting is a logical extension of the AB-testing feature, which analyzes the test results in the breakdown of audiences. Based on sophisticated AI algorithms, this engine predicts which hypothesis or experience would be the best for each audience, and even predicts the key metric uplift for this audience. Predictive Targeting brings your AB-testing and experimentation to the new level of granularity and allows you to save enormous efforts while experimenting with user experiences and personalization campaigns.

Other opportunities to grow your business

Content personalization

Deliver a highly personalized experience to your users across all touchpoints, be it mobile apps, websites, direct marketing campaigns, or even “phygital” interactions in the offline world.

Take advantage of the flexibility to experiment and optimize content and user interface “look & feel” dynamically. Effortlessly adapt entire pages and screens in real-time as soon as a user enters, ensuring that only the most pertinent content is offered in all your customer interactions.

Product recommendations

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in predicting the interests, actions, and purchase behavior of your users through utilization of our cutting-edge and powerful Machine Learning algorithms.

Tailor your product listing pages with precision, effectively manage product bundles, and craft highly targeted product recommendations for every individual user at every stage of their journey, across all communication channels. 

Triggered communications

Manage and personalize your real-time messaging in apps, websites, or outbound marketing campaigns to achieve an unparalleled level of efficiency and engagement.

Exercise precise control and management over triggering and targeting rules of your campaigns, allowing you to experiment seamlessly at scale with the support of our extensive ready-to-use template library.

Deliver highly relevant content to each user at the optimal moment, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience for every individual.

AB-Testing and Optimization

Accelerate the Time-to-Market of your user experience across any channel, and swiftly scale successful initiatives.

Unlock the magic of cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms to maximize the impact of your experiments in real-time, enabling true data-driven personalization.

Optimize your holistic customer journey by ensuring a seamless and consistent experience, while focusing on enhancing the entire journey, rather than only individual user interface elements.

Sponsored product monetization

Monetize placements in your mobile app or websites by your vendors, suppliers, and merchants.

Refine the sponsored products merchandising logic, placement fees and deliver transparent real-time analytics.

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