Platform modules

Extend your revenue by monetizing sponsored product placements

Merchandize products sponsored by your vendors, suppliers, or merchants and optimize performance of their placements


Monetize sponsored placements

Sell sponsored placements in the particular or all slots in your product recommendation widgets or banner areas to your suppliers or mechants. Configure placement merchandising rules by including, excluding, or pinning specific products and specifying the order of offers served.


Apply the power of Gravity recommendation engine to your sponsored placements

Make your sponsored placement experiences totally personalized and tailored to your customer’s interest and real-time intent. Adapt sponsored products arrangements based on product popularity, personal affinities, or customers behavioral patterns.

Make your sponsored placements look totally native and contextual by suggesting alternatives or cross-sell offers at the Product Detail Page, using such algorithms as “Purchased together”, “Viewed Together”, or “Similar products” in the sponsored placements.


Fine-tune merchandising rules

Customize your merchandising rules on top of recommendation algorithms used in the sponsored placements to approve performance as well as better match expectations of your advertisers.

Benefit from the unlimited flexibility of Gravity Field merchandising, totally managed by a business user, with no development team involved. Use any product feed attributes or context variables to configure merchandising rules, such as categories, brands, price range, or price range / user’s price sensitivity. Play with including or excluding products based on categories or other attributes, bundle products, tie or untie categories / brands to each other, or pin specific products / products with specific attributes.

Target your customized merchandising rules to user audiences or categories and AB-test them in real-time to measure their incremental performance.


Control placement fees and bidding rules

Manage your placement feed in real-time. Allow your vendors decide how much they are ready to pay for their placement impressions, clicks, or target action (such as purchase).

Let Gravity Field engine perform the real-time bidding between several merchants willing to offer their products in the same placements and serve optimal offers with the highest bid to each user.


Provide control of placements to your vendors or merchants

Provide your vendors or merchants with the user interface to control logic of their sponsored placements, such as audience targeting, recommendation algorithms applied, merchandising rules fine-tuning - all managed by a business user, no development team needed.


Provide transparent real-time analytics

Measure impact of sponsored placements based on any key metrics and make those insights available to your vendors or merchants in real-time.

Gain insights on any key metrics, such as clicks, purchases, revenues, etc., visualized in transparent dashboards. Customize your analytics by configuring any specific metrics, events, attribution rules, etc.


AB-test and optimize layouts, position, and contents of your sponsored placements

Experiment and optimize any aspects of your sponsored placement experiences, whether visual layouts and structure, position on page, recommendation strategies used, etc.

Rely on the power of Gravity Field optimization tools, such as AB-testing engine, dynamic allocation AI algorithms, or Predictive Targeting, to get the most from your sponsored placements and impress your vendors with an outstanding ROAS (Return on ad spend)

Other opportunities to grow your business

Audience management

Leverage the full potential of your omnichannel data to swiftly identify real-time audiences and engage with them at a heightened level of granularity.

Effortlessly gather data about your users from various sources and conduct real-time audience analysis.

Embrace the transformative magic of our Predictive Targeting engine, propelling your organization towards data-driven hyper-personalization like never before.

Content personalization

Deliver a highly personalized experience to your users across all touchpoints, be it mobile apps, websites, direct marketing campaigns, or even “phygital” interactions in the offline world.

Take advantage of the flexibility to experiment and optimize content and user interface “look & feel” dynamically. Effortlessly adapt entire pages and screens in real-time as soon as a user enters, ensuring that only the most pertinent content is offered in all your customer interactions.

Product recommendations

Achieve unparalleled accuracy in predicting the interests, actions, and purchase behavior of your users through utilization of our cutting-edge and powerful Machine Learning algorithms.

Tailor your product listing pages with precision, effectively manage product bundles, and craft highly targeted product recommendations for every individual user at every stage of their journey, across all communication channels. 

Triggered communications

Manage and personalize your real-time messaging in apps, websites, or outbound marketing campaigns to achieve an unparalleled level of efficiency and engagement.

Exercise precise control and management over triggering and targeting rules of your campaigns, allowing you to experiment seamlessly at scale with the support of our extensive ready-to-use template library.

Deliver highly relevant content to each user at the optimal moment, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience for every individual.

AB-Testing and Optimization

Accelerate the Time-to-Market of your user experience across any channel, and swiftly scale successful initiatives.

Unlock the magic of cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms to maximize the impact of your experiments in real-time, enabling true data-driven personalization.

Optimize your holistic customer journey by ensuring a seamless and consistent experience, while focusing on enhancing the entire journey, rather than only individual user interface elements.

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