Platform modules

Powerful product recommendation engine, self-learning on user behavior and intent

Predict your customer desires to boost your conversion rates, revenues, and average order value, calling the magic of world’s best-in-class AI algorithms


Predict your user intent and purchases with advanced AI algorithms

Gravity Field machine learning algorithms, including deep learning and other advanced models, predict customers behavior based on their interactions with your App, Web, or other properties, as well as by comparing actions between millions of users in real-time and discovering behavioral patterns.


Serve the right product recommendations for each customer journey step

Pick and experiment with various recommendation strategies for each journey step, depending on page type or user audience. For example, serve popular or personal selections for a homepage, or recently viewed and cross-sell recommendations in cart. Engage new users with hot offers, and returning users - with recommendations based on their previous behavior.


Mix-and-match recommendation strategies

Experiment with combining recommendation strategies across different slots of a widget to always keep users excited by your recommendations and maximize their performance. Find the best recipe for each audience by mix-and-matching algorithms manually, or let the deep learning engine predict the optimal mix automatically.


Take full control of your product recommendations by customizing your merchandising rules

None of Gravity advanced recommendation algorithms are a “black box” - take full control of the product selection by adding custom merchandising rules based on categories, price range vs. user’s price sensitivity, product compatibility, margin, or any other product attributes. Decide, which products can be recommended to each other, should be boosted, pinned in specific slots, or excluded.

Fine-tune your merchandising rules for specific audiences or product categories and throw them on Gravity AB-testing engine to maximize performance of your recommendations and create a truly smart, human-like approach to each individual customer.


Manage product bundles

Extend the “human-like” feel of your product recommendations by replicating real life patterns of combining products together. Gravity Field allows adding custom product bundling rules on top of recommendation algorithms - such as Purchased Together. For instance, you might decide that, with a smartphone, a user should always see a case, a protection shield, a set of headphones, etc, all matching the smartphone model and color - while the algorithm would pick the best specific product for each user in each slot, following that logic.

Product bundle recommendations can make navigation and selection remarkably easier for a user, which results in higher average order value and revenues as well as better customer retention and loyalty.


Optimize layouts and placements of your recommendation widget

Let the AI engine decide not only which recommended products to offer but also how to offer them visually. Get the most of your product recommendation widgets by continually experimenting with their visual layouts, position on page, number of slots, or call-to-action and find the best recipe for each of your key audiences.


Personalize product listing pages

Adapt your category or search product listing pages to user interests: rearrange long product listings in real-time based on user affinities, deep learning algorithms, or other advanced models. Customize the product selection by filtering, boosting, or pinning specific products according to your merchandising logic, promo campaigns, or sponsored placements.


Enrich recommendation strategies by offline purchase data

Boost performance of your recommendations by feeding the engine with offline purchase data or historical purchase data, both identified or anonymous. Combining online and offline data makes algorithm predictions more accurate as well as allows you to build truly omnichannel user experience.


Deliver product recommendations to any properties or devices in any channels

Extend the power of Gravity Field engine throughout any touchpoints with your customers, whether in App, Web, marketing campaigns, or even “phygital” interactions in the offline world. Deliver product recommendations to in-store kiosks, in-store clienteling gadgets, POS screens, call center UI - or wherever else you might like to. Integrate Gravity Field to your marketing or acquisition platforms to maximize their performance and build the seamless and consistent omnichannel customer journeys.

Other opportunities to grow your business

Audience management

Leverage the full potential of your omnichannel data to swiftly identify real-time audiences and engage with them at a heightened level of granularity.

Effortlessly gather data about your users from various sources and conduct real-time audience analysis.

Embrace the transformative magic of our Predictive Targeting engine, propelling your organization towards data-driven hyper-personalization like never before.

Content personalization

Deliver a highly personalized experience to your users across all touchpoints, be it mobile apps, websites, direct marketing campaigns, or even “phygital” interactions in the offline world.

Take advantage of the flexibility to experiment and optimize content and user interface “look & feel” dynamically. Effortlessly adapt entire pages and screens in real-time as soon as a user enters, ensuring that only the most pertinent content is offered in all your customer interactions.

Triggered communications

Manage and personalize your real-time messaging in apps, websites, or outbound marketing campaigns to achieve an unparalleled level of efficiency and engagement.

Exercise precise control and management over triggering and targeting rules of your campaigns, allowing you to experiment seamlessly at scale with the support of our extensive ready-to-use template library.

Deliver highly relevant content to each user at the optimal moment, ensuring a tailored and impactful experience for every individual.

AB-Testing and Optimization

Accelerate the Time-to-Market of your user experience across any channel, and swiftly scale successful initiatives.

Unlock the magic of cutting-edge Machine Learning algorithms to maximize the impact of your experiments in real-time, enabling true data-driven personalization.

Optimize your holistic customer journey by ensuring a seamless and consistent experience, while focusing on enhancing the entire journey, rather than only individual user interface elements.

Sponsored product monetization

Monetize placements in your mobile app or websites by your vendors, suppliers, and merchants.

Refine the sponsored products merchandising logic, placement fees and deliver transparent real-time analytics.

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